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Tom Hiscocks

Tom’s signature technique is to piece together his sculptures by layering 2D slices together to form a coherent 3D whole. To get the effect, every slice is subtly different from the last. Rather in the manner of a Chinese whisper. It’s an almost mathematical technique, and yet the result is rather profound. These are universal human figures: there’s real poignancy in the seated One series, for example.

Tom's anatomical works represent the latest phase in his development as a sculptor. He was born in 1963 and graduated from the Cambridge Art School with a first class honours degree. A very successful career followed, marked by highlights such as winning the Dr Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize in 2013.

To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, Tom created modern versions of the famous Queen's Beasts, the statues that stand in Kew Gardens, representing the heraldic history of the monarchy. The Beasts have been made entirely from recycled metal, including over 3000 drinks cans, and are part of Tom's current work looking at identity and representation.