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Manuel Rubalo

Born in 1958, Manuel Rubalo has dedicated himself to painting for many years. He exhibits permanently in France, Japan, Turkey and the United States. He is widely represented in art galleries and even in the secondary market, since he is part of the Drouot and Akun quotation.
Manuel Rubalo is a master of his craft, delighting in the tactile experience of oil paint applied with a palette knife onto his canvases. This intimate interaction with the medium allows him to express his agile, spontaneous, and sincere movements effortlessly. Utilizing a palette rich in vibrant hues and imbued with controlled energy, Rubalo transforms ordinary subjects such as bouquets of flowers, Venetian streets, or stormy evenings into captivating theater sets.
With each stroke, Rubalo's lively, candid approach blurs the line between figuration and imagination, resulting in a style that flirts with lyrical abstraction. His flowers burst into fiery blooms, skies radiate with luminosity, and elements of reality converge in a dazzling interplay of color and light. Through his artistry, Rubalo invites viewers into a world where reality transcends its boundaries, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment.
For him, the pursuit of pleasure, elevated through contemplation, emerges as the sole motivation, the ultimate truth. His muse lies in nature, particularly in locales bathed in abundant light, where lush vegetation and blooming flowers, as found in Provence, grant him boundless freedom of expression, while Venetian scenes ignite his imagination with their evocative atmospheres. And when faced with the vastness of the sea, he strives to convey its depth and grandeur through his art.
Every piece he creates radiates profound serenity and unbridled joy, a testament to his relentless exploration of color and light. This harmonious interplay allows him to capture the essence of his inspirations and translate them into visual symphonies that resonate with viewers on a deeply emotive level.