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Arnau Amat

Arnau started his artistic career at the School of Fine Arts in Alcoy (Alicante), from 1965 to 1968, when he began painting professionally.
Although he grew up in the hot, arid climate of Southern Spain, Arnau Amat proved the adage that the grass is always greener by falling in love with the lush woodlands and cool mountainsides of the Pyrenees.
A true nature lover, Arnau uses a naturalistic palette and a realistic style to transport the viewer into the scene as he has observed it, capturing the delicate colours and atmosphere of each woodland, riverside or mountain. Precise brushstrokes and a classical appreciation for composition and layering allow him to recreate these vistas, while still maintaining a contemporary clarity and use of brighter, bolder pigments.
Often favouring autumnal scenes, Arnau brings in vivid shades of vermillion, lemon and emerald that press against the edges of realism while still appearing as a window into the world he loves and wishes to share with his audience.