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Wendy Satchwell

Wendy is an internationally acclaimed artist in the contemporary art scene. Born in Birmingham and studying Art & Design at Redditch College of Art. Wendy then went on to attend Birmingham University gaining a BA Hons degree in Fine Art & Textile Design.

Confronting you with colour, no beginning and no end, an altogether all-consuming feast for the eyes to feed your soul and enhance ones imagination. Her work is collected by High Profile celebrities and she has an international following alongside a worldwide collector base. Wendy creates wonderful artwork for private residential and corporate clients.

Although abstract, the composition of Wendy’s pieces is very considered with colour and shapes meticulously planned out long before she actually starts painting. She creates highly textured surfaces by layering Oil and water based paint on Canvas. So with her intricate use of mixed media and her incredible use of colour and composition it has been described as ‘Emotional Abstract Work’ because they reach out to each individual viewer, revealing different shapes and forms. The finishing touch sees a glass-like resin coating applied to the piece. This enhances both the colour and the deliberate imperfections within the surface of her work, creating a beautiful clear and porcelain finish to her paintings.

All of this excitingly allows for Wendy’s work to fit in to both private and commercial collectors, fitting right on trend with current Interior Designer’s and their designs.
Wendy’s painting style and method is instantly recognisable and in her own words is a colour Alchemist, using textures and shapes which reveal a real depth rarely seen in this style of work. Her timeless new Collection ‘Filigree, Lustre & Shadow’ will take you straight into an English country garden, evoking the heat and atmosphere you get with such serenity.
Wendy says ‘My Love for colour is immense’…which follows through for gardening and flowers. They are a massive influence in my work, not only for their beautiful form but for their amazing colours. I very much use the philosophy that ‘Colour in Nature is Never Wrong ‘.

My work stems from a love and passion for texture, colour and nature. The strong movement of colour, line, natural texture and space on the canvas draws the viewer in, into a ‘Dreams Journey’ my journey through very moving, powerful images.

Wendy has always been influenced by the great impressionist artist Claude Monet, for his mesmerising palette which achieves the seemingly impossible by conveying strength and softness as one. She also finds the bold confidence of Mark Rothko and the beautiful rich texture and patterns of Gustav Klimt a constant source of inspiration. Klimt’s genius use of gold leaf has been and still is an ongoing inspiration in her work.