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Maureen De Silva

Art was always an interest in my youth and carried on from there.
Originally from Singapore, often described as a ‘garden city’, I began with painting my surroundings, landscapes of dazzling sunlight filtering through shadowy tropical trees, bustling night market scenes.
Then my attention was drawn to my dad’s prize-winning orchid collection. Painting these exotic flowers became a mesmerizing challenge and I exhibited them in fairs and galleries.
Now, permanently living in another beautiful island, London is my home.
Flowers like lilies, roses, orchids have always had much symbolism in our culture and religion. 
With floral art, I am in a secret garden where I am painting these glorious blooms, exploring their delicacy, translucent colours, intricate curves, folds and symmetrical forms and continually exploring today’s popular and exciting culture of this genre of fine art and inter-mixing it with old traditional values. My florals are layered with brushworks of layered glazes which are then interjected with fluid, colourful and fun embellishments of mixed media and resins. 
The secret garden fills me with continuing pleasure and surprises.