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Daniel Martin

Hailing from Scotland, Daniel's work is heavily inspired by the ethereall magic that he feels lucky to have been brought up with, particularly the skies. There is always a lot happening on ground level, so he appreciates the escapism that is involved with looking up and beyond.
Daniel's aim is to communicate his feelings and emotions through his art. His often dramatic skies symbolise the clutter and noise inside his head, while the calm waters below depict what is only seen on the surface, as in reality, even the calmest waters can have an awful lot going on underneathh. Working predominantly with oils, Daniel makes the most of their vibrancy and depth, marrying beautifully blended skies with thick, textured strokes of the palette knife to create contrast. As a former drummer, Daniel also likes to paint while listening to music and attunes his brush strokes to the rhythm of the beat.
This encouragees improvisation, which allows him to think less and feel more. Daniel’s style is more interpretive, and he is very much an advocate of there being no rules, so you may find one collection looking vastly different from another. It is this freedom that helps Daniel to work organically and to evolve his craft.