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Amy Magee

Bristol-based artist Amy Magee works with heavy mixed materials on canvas to create texture along with acrylics, gold leaf, and resin. Amy’s work is typically focused on abstract or ‘non-objective’ art.
The work is characterised by bold texture, depth of colour, contrasting gold leaf at times, and the use of spot relief resin to draw you into each artwork. Her paintings are a gateway into the human subconscious and the realm of imagination.
Drawing from her personal experiences and the desire to explore the human mind and consciousness of both hers and others, a range of emotions are shown in each work and immortalised on canvas forevermore.
To date, Amy has been highlighted in Vogue as a ‘recommended artist’. Amy was also commissioned by the ever-popular TV talent show for artworks to be in the judge's houses. Amy has had sold out collections via the galleries which represent her along with art fairs, and her work is now in many private collections around the world.
With an everchanging landscape one thing we know from Amy is that each collection is sure to captivate.