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Kara Strachan

Kara Strachan was born in Southport. Her distinctive painting style is inspired by her early days of drawing, painting and years of floristry, running her own successful flower shop in North London.

A move to Staffordshire allowed her appreciation of old English gardens and her fascination with ancient woodlands to develop and influence her paintings.
Kara loves to explore the UK's varied coastline and has a particular fondness for the Northumbrian coast with its vast sandy beaches and dramatic skies.
She interprets the atmosphere of the sea and skylines, capturing the romanticism of the sea in her paintings, feeling she is finding her roots again having once been a little girl on the sands of Southport beach.

Based at her studio, Kara can be found creating new paintings and running painting workshops throughout the year. Her love of the British coastline, of woodlands and of flowers is interpreted through her bold atmospheric paintings.